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Vital Force Advanced Research

Human Consumption Research

The effects of subtle energy have been tested in many human trials yielding consistently positive results in many areas of research.

Brain Research Studies

Clinical Experiences with Vital Force Formulas

Two main methods of brain activity monitoring–brain mapping and electroencephalography (EEG)–are currently being used in experiments to measure the effects of subtle energy on the brain.

EEG records the electrical activity along the surface of the scalp produced by neurons firing in the brain. Brain mapping or “Quantitative EEG” presents a statistical topographic “map” of the EEG records.

Stimulation and Suppression of Brain Wave Activity

EEG’s conducted at the Veteran’s Hospital in Dayton, OH in 1993 demonstrated that different, specific energy patterns can stimulate or suppress rhythms of electrical brain activity. The significance of this particular research is that it illustrates clearly that subtle energy comes in many “flavors” and is not just one kind of energy. It also clearly demonstrates that Dr. Yury Kronn’s understanding of the nature and properties of subtle energy is extensive as reflected by his ability to produce an almost infinite number of unique and targeted energy patterns with his Vital Force Technology.

Ingestible Goods Research Downloads

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Study on Brain Mapping

Brain Maps Show that Specific Subtle Energy Patterns Influence Electrical Brain Activity.

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Study on Electronic Brain Mapping

Specific VFT Energy Patterns Stimulate or Suppress Different Rhythms of Electrical Brain Activity.

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Study on Subtle Energy and Autism

Implementation of Master Brain Formula shows improvements in patients with Autism.