Vital Force Technology offers real science for real solutions

Real science.

Real solutions.

Join us in exploring the practical uses of Dr. Kronn’s research. Discover for yourself how VFT™ can have a positive impact on your world.

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Be Unique.

Add uniqueness to your product that cannot be duplicated.

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Energetic Infusion.

Leading energetic infusion technology that is able to generate, record, and store energy patterns with unparalleled accuracy.

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Supercharge and Enhance with
Energetic Infusion Services

Vital Force Technology is a pioneer in a new science that is yielding practical benefits in the form of product enhancements, non-invasive and non-toxic ways to improve wellness and the ability to infuse industrial materials with qualities that provide manufacturers with a competitive advantage. Vital Force Technology (VFT) is the leader in infusion technology with 15 years’ experience, clients around the globe and scientific research ensuring the revolutionary infusion services are second to none.

Energy is infused into the products or raw materials and the application possibilities are virtually limitless. The result is stable, repeatable outcomes whether the products are for external use or are meant to be consumed internally.

Vital Force Technology truly is real science offering real opportunities to real companies.

  • Proprietary, scientifically-tested and proven tools to provide a locked-in advantage that can’t be duplicated, not by anyone anywhere in the world
  • Large library of formulas allows for custom formulas that enhance hundreds of products
  • Can generate unlimited varieties of subtle energy patterns, including the energetic blueprint of any element on the periodic table
  • Reproduces the energetic blueprints of any substance with great precision
  • Expert staff and professional setting reassures any company that they are in good hands

Vital Force Technology™ can alter the properties of substances such as minerals, medicines, and essential oils to diminish harmful side effects and enhance efficacy. Experiments indicate that VFT™ is applicable to induce beneficial effects in seed germination and growth, animal health, cell culture, and brain function.

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Services Offered

Use infusion on almost any product to increase brand loyalty, further differentiate your product and even reduce manufacturing costs.

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How It Works

Infusion technology is unique and effective. Find out more about how the process and technology can benefit your company and your customers.

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Advanced Research

Gain a deeper insight into the science behind the technology and read case studies proving the results being offered.

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