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About Us

The history of Vital Force Technology spans more than thirty years, and it began with one scientist’s unrelenting curiosity and passion for uncovering the source of a mystery, which at the time, seemed beyond the explanation and understanding of common physics.

Today, the source behind the scientific phenomena that started it all is known as subtle energy, the same bio-energetic powerhouse that inspired the creation of the unique Vital Force Technology generator. Since the invention of the generator decades have been spent perfecting the technology and investigating the many applications and benefits of Vital Force Technology infusion as it applies to various industries from agriculture and cosmetics, to supplements and wearables. As interest in infusion technology and its benefits grew, so did the company. In 2014 Vital Force Technology moved to a larger facility, added more bulk processing units, and added new members to the team of talented individuals that assist clients in identifying and using the unique benefits subtle energy infusion can bring to their products.

Vital Force Technology contributes to the success of hundreds of products on the market today. Each year more applications and benefits are discovered and more businesses and consumers gain access to the unique health benefits and product enhancement that only VFT can provide.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Vital Force Technology operates in a complex featuring professional facilities which house all company functions on site from administration to warehouse delivery and controlled labs for the infusion process. Located in White City, OR, the VFT complex includes an industrial warehouse which offers capacity for cGMP compliant processing and distribution. The large infusion equipment currently features 12 VFT chambers which are used to process materials and the system is controlled by computerized technology which allows for scalable applications. Administration offices are strategically located adjacent to the warehouse ensuring that the consultants are well aware of the progress and status of the specific materials throughout the infusion process. The scientists, consultants, admin and warehouse personal work closely together to ensure each client receives the best possible results throughout the entire VFT process.