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Positive Ingredient Industry Trends at Supply Side West

by on October 29, 2015

Vital Force Technology at Supply Side West

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of attending one of the largest global ingredient expos on the West Coast, the 19th Annual Supply Side West, held in Las Vegas, NV. Supply Side West (SSW) brings together thousands of attendees (over 14,000 this year) from over 66 countries. It’s a huge event combining educational seminars, networking events, and a massive expo-floor to facilitate growth and visibility for manufacturers and suppliers within the supplement and ingredient industries.

Representing Vital Force Technology at Supply Side West

As first time attendees, we were pleasantly surprised by the organization and attention to detail at many of the booths we visited. We’ve attended similar events before, but we found Supply Side to be our most fitting convention yet; so much so that we’re strongly considering holding a booth there in 2016. As much as we love telecommunications and Skype, there’s no substitute for being able to connect in-person with other businesses in our industry.

Throughout the day we were able to meet directly with manufacturers and ingredient suppliers to talk about their products as well as our technology and how we assist our clients with energetic verification, quality-testing, and enhancement. We met quite a few forward-thinking, high-quality ingredient suppliers and were able to discuss the applications of VFT technology from ingredients to end products.

Ingredient Industry Trends for 2015

Attending the expo, it also became clear that there are some growing trends within the supplement industry. A few of the more notable being:

  • Additional attention by the FDA on the supplement industry is increasing awareness of and adhesion to GMP and BIP – which is great news for end consumers interested in top-quality products
  • Quality Assurance measures are becoming a marketable point of differentiation. In a sea of similar products, having the most quality control and purity is a valuable selling point
  • “Traceability” is becoming a major buzzword for manufacturers working in oversaturated and highly-competitive niches, like CBD oils. It’s not enough to have a pure, high-quality product, standouts also know where they are sourcing their ingredients from and can identify that for each batch
  • Product differentiation is paramount to successfully marketing products in a saturated market. Proprietary technology like VFT – which works on an often overlooked aspect of quality, the energetic properties of a substance – is primed to become another quality verification standard in the coming years

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