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Vital Force Technology Brings Energetic Infusion Services to Natural Product Expo West

by on March 4, 2016

Vital Force Technology (VFT) representatives will be attending the 2016 Natural Product Expo West as the first technology-based infusion company with the ability to improve the bioavailability of functional ingredients. With their team of herbalists and physicists, VFT labs has created a library of customizable energetic patterns that can be infused into foods and beverages to enhance physiological benefits and improve the bioavailability of key nutrients.

Enhanced bioavailability has emerged as an increasing customer demand in the functional food and beverages market. Nutraceuticals World reports a growing trend in consumers seeking foods and beverages that provide physiological and psychological benefits such as cognitive or digestive health, and improved bioavailability of powerhouse nutrients and minerals. It’s no longer enough to offer foods and beverages that taste good – now consumers expect products to be good for them, and offer benefits beyond hydration or nourishment.

Vital Force Technology believes they have an answer to growing demand for improved bioavailability and functional benefits with their energetic infusion services. “This is really an exciting opportunity for our company to bring our innovative technology to the beverage market,” says Galina Kalyuzhny, Director of Business Development with VFT. “We will attend this expo and deliver a message to the beverage companies about new opportunities in using Vital Force Technology to improve their product’s bioavailability and tap into the growing consumer demand.”

VFT patterns are scientifically evaluated and may help to revolutionize the functional beverages market. Bringing energetic infusion technology to the Natural Product Expo is a new opportunity to expose the beverage market to new, all-natural alternatives for product enhancement that will positively affect millions of Americans of any age who are looking not for just a drink, but for a drink that will nourish and energize them. To find out more about the exciting opportunities for beverage enhancements, visit Vital Force Technology at

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