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Dr. Yury Kronn

Dr. Yury Kronn – a major contributor to the field of
non-linear quantum radio-physics – has spent his life on the frontier of science.

A Scientist Explores the Seemingly Inexplicable

Apple’s Steve Jobs said, “You can’t ignore the ones who see things differently, because they change things. They push the human race forward.” Dr. Yury Kronn, founder of Vital Force Technology, a division of Energy Tools International, has logically, persistently, and oftentimes courageously followed the trail of information revealed by his research – even when it diverged from modern scientific consensus.

For decades Dr. Kronn has brought new understanding to the study of physics:

Dr. Yury Kronn Makes History as Scientist and Soviet Dissident

In the early 1980s, at the peak of his career and at the top of his field in the research and application of laser physics, Dr. Kronn was asked by one of the leading scientists at the Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics (IRE) of the USSR Academy of Sciences to observe a series of experiments that indicated unexplained phenomena.

He confronted these anomalies—seemingly involving a mysterious force. Of the odd experimental results he thought, “Even if you can’t measure it and don’t understand the nature of it, it exists if you can observe its effect on physical matter.” At that moment, Kronn took his first step into years of further study to identify and understand the mysterious force at play in these experiments.

During this period, events including the mysterious death of a beloved colleague–possibly at the hands of the KGB–spurred Dr. Kronn to become a political dissident prominently and proactively expressing himself as a concerned Soviet citizen. With 10 other Russian dissidents, in 1982 Dr. Kronn organized the “Trust Group”’– the first independent peace movement in the history of the Soviet Union. Somehow a busload of international journalists—usually monitored everywhere they went in the USSR—showed up to cover one of their events. As a result the group became known worldwide for its work to promote trust and openness between East and West. The highly unusual presence of the journalists plus the resulting notoriety caused by their broadcasts afforded the dissidents protection from the government at a time when dissent was still extremely dangerous in the Soviet Union.

In 1987, Dr. Kronn again made history, chairing the Disarmament Section of the first Moscow International Symposium for Humanitarian Problems with a group called Press Club Glasnost. (Glasnost is a Russian word for a policy that called for increased openness and transparency in government institutions and activities in the Soviet Union.) The symposium was another major international news event that was broadcast around the world.

These actions of Dr. Kronn’s were not without consequences. In 1988, he was told by officials to leave the Soviet Union. He departed Russia with only a suitcase and $150.00 to his name and arrived in the United States as a political refugee.

Pioneering Science and Pioneering Technology

Over the next decade, Dr. Kronn poured all of his expertise and understanding into a new branch of science—an expansion of quantum physics—and into the development of pioneering technology that he could use practically to improve people’s lives.

Being the pure scientist and dedicated explorer he is, Dr. Yury Kronn, was vigilant about being open to all possibilities. Astrophysicists, for example had determined that invisible and immeasurable dark matter and dark energy comprise 96% of the cosmos. In essence there is an entire universe out there that we can’t see.

After years of research, Dr. Kronn invented Vital Force Technology, using a plasma-basedgenerator to summon forth subtle energy patterns. He succeeded in infusing these patterns into “substance-carriers.” According to rigorous scientific experimentation, the VFT infusions dramatically intensify and enhance nutritional and therapeutic effects on living systems.

The legacy Dr. Kronn is creating seems far from finished. Vital Force Technology, his company, envisions consumers empowered with tools based on quantum energy physics. Manufacturers can use his discoveries today to help their customers realize more of their emotional, physical and spiritual potential. Vital Force Technology’s applications have expanded to include the fields of health, agriculture, and many other applications.

Fully engaging his relentless drive to explore the unknown and his profound work ethic, Dr. Yury Kronn, today directs Vital Force Technology and its parent company Energy Tools International.

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