Vital Force Technology offers real science for real solutions

How It Works

Infusion Benefits

Utilize infusion to supercharge your product, enhance your product’s benefits a, increase brand loyalty and improve your bottom line.

Scientifically supported infusion technology can help take your product to the next level of effectiveness, further increase consumer demand and minimize possible impurities in the product’s formula. The infusion process utilizes customized formulas which will potentiate ingredients to increase the speed of ingredient interaction and improve uniqueness of the formula or product.

In many cases, infusion can reduce overall manufacturing costs and increase the product margin by further purifying the product, eliminating the need for more expensive ingredients and increasing the efficacy of the product itself which in turn improves consumer demand. A company may be able to achieve the benefit of an expensive ingredient with an enhanced but less costly substitute which can provide manufacturers with a competitive advantage and can reduce the bottom line. The unique technology of infusing products allows for manufacturing benefits that position products ahead of their competition while offering a point of differentiation that simply cannot be copied.

Additional Benefits of Product Infusion:

  • Improve the product’s intended effects
  • Create a point of differentiation, add further uniqueness to your product that cannot be duplicated
  • Analyze current formula to reduce the need for scarce or expensive ingredients
  • Enhance bio-availability of your product
  • Add new features to your product
  • Improve both consumer demand and overall profitability

“Energy Tools International provides the “secret weapon” behind our products' success. Vital Force is paramount to our product innovation strategy.” – Satisfied Manufacturing Partner