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Vital Force

Our Process

Your experience will begin when you contact your persona product infusion consultant. The consultant will answer specific questions you have and walk you through the infusion process. Once your questions are answered, the company will conduct some advanced research internally to ensure that you will receive desired results when your specific product is infused.

Step 1: Contact professional product infusion consultant
Step 2: Company to conduct research on your specific product to ensure desired results
Step 3: Officially place an order to have your product infused
Step 4: Once your order is placed, you will deliver your raw materials to the Vital Force Technology office for infusion to take place – note that to reduce costs and ensure desired results, infusion is best done during the manufacturing process
Step 5: Once infused, the raw materials will be shipped back to your offices for manufacturing and final product construction

The Infusion Process

Product infusion is a three-part process comprised of (1) a tunable plasma-based generator able to formulate Subtle Energy patterns, (2) a Subtle Energy storage system, and (3) an infusing system that can imprint any Subtle Energy pattern into almost any physical substance. The three stage process creates safe, stable and repeatable formulations of Subtle Energy to enhance specific biological functions in the human body—from physiological to psychological, opening the door for a wide range of health products.

Features/ Capabilities of Infusion Technology

  • Generates the energy of a practically unlimited range of Subtle Energy patterns
  • Records the generated energy pattern for permanent storage
  • Imprints the recorded energy signature into a wide variety of materials and products
  • Reproduces the benefits of that imprinting through a consistent, repeatable, standardized, high-volume production system
  • Makes Subtle Energy an “ingredient” that is simple to add to most manufacturing processes

About the Subtle Energy Generator

A plasma-based generator is used to generate sophisticated frequency patterns of low intensity alternating magnetic fields, and infuse them into “substance-carriers” that, according to rigorous scientific experimentation, dramatically intensify and enhance nutritional and therapeutic effects on living systems.