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The Science

Real Science Offers Real Solutions

The subtle energy forces discovered by quantum physics are today being researched, harnessed, and put to use. Vital Force Technology was created by world renowned scientist Dr Yury Kronn, using his years of study and research to find a way to enhance the products around us. The unique process of subtle energy infusion utilized by VFT cannot be duplicated by the competition as the infusion chambers used are one of a kind and the library of energy patterns resourced is more vast than any other.

At Vital Force Technology, “subtle energy” is used to describe and encompass all of the energies in the universe that cannot yet be measured directly by modern scientific equipment, particularly at the level of subatomic particles. Following years of research, experimentation, and practical applications, it has become apparent that there are an almost infinite number of different configurations of subtle energy. Studies have shown that every element on the periodic table, every mineral, crystal, gemstone, herb, and natural substance has a unique subtle energy “signature” with specific properties.

Subtle subatomic energy holds the key to improving existing products or producing new products that can help solve many of the challenges created by modern technologies. The infusion process duplicates subtle subatomic energy (SSE) for repeatable results and biological availability.

The unique three part system begins with a computer controlled plasma based generator creating both electromagnetic energy and subtle energy. The subtle energy is then separated from the electromagnetic energy and stored for later access. The final step happens when the infusing system accesses the stored records of subtle energy and infuses the materials with the energy pattern specified to the machine. The variation of stored pattern is virtually limitless and custom patterns are created on an ongoing basis to ensure that each client’s specific goals are accomplished.

Dr. Kronn has created a library of subtle energy (SE) patterns that can be used in combination to create more sophisticated SE patterns. Vital Force Technology’s™ library holds more than 4,000 subtle energy patterns, all tested to produce stable, repeatable results.