Vital Force Technology offers real science for real solutions

How It Works

The Technology

The Infusion system generates, records, stores, andreproduces subtle subatomic energy with 100% accuracy.

Utilizing proprietary technology and a unique subtle energy formula infusion system, invented by the owner of Vital Force Technology, it is possible to generate, record, store and transmit the subtle energy patterns which distinguishes the process from all other quantum technologies and all other competitors in the industry. New products can be made that incorporate energy of any element in the periodic table, including rare and expensive elements, while circumventing any potential side effects produced by the elements’ chemical counterpart. The unique process cannot be duplicated and truly enhances the product infused. In addition to the advanced technology, there are professional facilities with expert scientific researchers, experienced consultants and actual proven results.

Dr. Kronn’s profound discoveries about the behaviors of subtle energy led to the invention of the first tunable subtle energy generator in the 1980s. VFT™ equipment harnesses subtle energy in a manner that is similar to how we harness electromagnetic energy. Vital Force Technology™ is able to generate subtle energy patterns for specific effects, like enhancing a product’s active ingredients or improving its intended effects.

What Can Vital Force Technology Do?

  • Generate the energetic blueprint of any element on the periodic table
  • Reproduces the energetic blueprint of any substance with great precision
  • Create complex energetic formulas that follow the time-tested rules of traditional Chinese medicine

Being able to achieve the benefit of an expensive ingredient with an enhanced but less costly substitute can provide manufacturers with a competitive advantage. VFT™ equipment is built to easily scale up.