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Dr. Yury Interview in The Optimist Magazine Spring 2016 edition "It is so not simple"

 PDF of Optimist Interview


Vital Force Technology Brings Energetic Infusion Services to Natural Product Expo West


Vital Force Technology Announces New Formulas for Improving the Bioavailability of Functional Beverages


Functional Ingredient Manufacturer – Vital Force Technology Infuses Raw Materials & Ingredients with Subtle Energy Formula


Vital Force Technology Study Suggests that Infusion Creates Strong Increases in Plant Vitality


Vital Force Technology Delivers New Tools to Organic Agriculture


New Ingredient for Natural Products Enhances Efficacy


New Functional Ingredients & Ingredient Enhancements From Vital Force Technology Offers Beverage Manufacturers & Formulators A Competitive Edge


New Subtle Energy Pattern Research Shows Increases in Cell Growth and Viability


Daring to be Different Raw Materials & Ingredient Supply Shortage Fuels Vital Force™ Technology New Ingredient Enhancements


World-Renowned Scientist to Speak at Hyatt Regency San Francisco June 5th