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Counteracting harmful effects of the EMF radiation

Schumann Resonance, Brainwaves, Neuro-feedback and Beyond

This 37-page paper discusses the essential characteristics of the Earth ionosphere and Schumann resonance, how they influence human brainwaves and help to create ETI EMF Transformer.  


Harmful effects of the EMF radiation and how Schumann resonance helps to counteract it

It is not a new concept to suggest we live in a vibrational world, where everything exists in a state of continuous movement, where vibrations never stop. As a rule, this motion has a repetitive pattern that can be presented as a particular frequency, which serves as a distinctive characteristic of a given atom or group of atoms, or molecule or group of molecules. That is, almost every process in our world can be characterized by a particular frequency or set of frequencies.

Aside from different kinds of electromagnetic vibrations, there is also a broad spectrum of other forces that have been known and used by humans for centuries, although they are still not accepted by mainstream science as credible, because there is no scientific device capable of reliably measuring their existence. Specifically here, we are talking about a phenomenon that has been called life force, chi/ki or subtle energy, etc.

This does not mean, however, that these vibrating waves, if invisible, are not interacting with us, humans. Actually, they could bring us potential benefits or harm us, depending on the degree of exposure to these waves and how they interact with our body and brain (i.e., some parts of the human body are much more sensitive than others). 

In the paper below, we introduce subtle energy as the force that binds together phenomena known and accepted by mainstream science, such as Schumann resonance, brainwaves, neuro-feedback, the ionosphere, and plasma. To demonstrate that the above-suggested position is not just a theory, and that subtle energy can be applied, de facto, we created a specific energy pattern based on the subtle energy flow generated in the plasma discharge and vibrating with Schumann resonance frequencies. We then processed an experimental sample with this subtle energy pattern and checked this sample with people who are hypersensitive to the electromagnetic radiation.