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Dirty Energy

Understanding the Energy in Around Us

Dirty Energy AKA Environmental Energy

Dirty energy–or EMF pollution–consists of high frequency energy generated by many of our modern electrical devices. It’s all around us most of the time but its dramatic effects on health and the healing process are only beginning to be studied. Like the discoveries about germs, microbes and the importance of proper hygiene in the 19th century, research into the impact of all-pervasive dirty environmental energy offers the promise of enhanced well-being. At Vital Force Technology™ we’re working on non-invasive, non-toxic products that are part of the solution to energy pollution.

Groundbreaking experiments into the dramatic effects of environmental pollution on the healing process have tremendous implications for the healthcare industry as a whole and for practitioners in particular.

These experiments on the impact on the healing process of “dirty energy” (also known as environmental pollution) raise significant questions. They demonstrate the necessity for further research to see how cleaning the environment of energetic pollution will impact the results of various healing modalities. We believe that the findings of this research will have important implications for the study and practice of “Energy Medicine”.