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Effects on Water

Subtle Energy Patterns Affect Water

Spectroscopy experiments performed at the Garvey Center in Ohio and at Penn State University show that water samples treated with Vital Force Technology™ formulas created by Dr. Yuri Kronn exhibit unique structures.

Using a gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera, researchers were able to detect minute differences on the surface of the water samples. The measurements indicate that the absorption spectrum of the water is affected by the VFT™ formula used in it. The effects on de-ionized water were found to be significant and long-lasting in the infrared absorption spectrum.

A Vital Force Technology™ generator was used on the water samples prior to measurement. The possibilities for continued research in this area are vast, as is the potential for practical applications.

Spectroscopy Water Experiments

Spectroscopy experiments conducted at the Garvey Center in Ohio in 1993 and again in 2004 and 2005 at Penn State University show that subtle energy patterns create changes in the absorption spectrum of water molecules. Both the experiments at the Garvey Center and at Penn State indicated that “the chemically identical Vital Force solutions have unique water structures” and that the absorption spectrum of water varies depending on the energy imprint in the water measured.

Further tests to measure the effects of subtle energy patterns on the properties of water were conducted using a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Camera. The GDV camera measures the electrophotonic parameters of liquids under the influence of electrical impulses which generate an electromagnetic field around the surface of the liquid. A drop of liquid is suspended at 2-3 mm distance above the glass surface of the optical window of the device, and the glow from the surface of the liquid is registered. As you will see in the following graphs, different energetic imprints produced distinctly different effects, individualized to the structured water.

Over the coming months we will assemble a variety of personal testimonials and clinical accounts on the use of targeted subtle energy formulas for psychological issues. The following report is one example of how a particular subtle energy imprint affected the self-confidence levels and learning abilities of a specific population of school children.