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Psychological Research

Human Psychology is an Exciting Area of Research for Non-Toxic Treatment

Following the Hippocratic dictum of “first, do no harm,” non-toxic and non-invasive Vital Force Technology™ formulas created by Dr. Yuri Kronn are excellent candidates for research studies.

Dr. Kronn has already released formulations that impact positively on stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and mental confusion. Research has been done to test the effectiveness of Vital Force Technology™ formulas in improving the math and spelling skills of underachieving elementary school students. There are numerous other areas to explore.

For example: can college students’ capacity to learn be improved? Would business people benefit from enhanced mental capacity? Can an athlete’s improved mental state also improve physical performance?

A Subtle Difference

Vital Force Formulas can make a significant contribution in Energy Medicine applications for psychological issues. As most healthcare providers can attest, physiological issues are nearly always linked to psychological distress or trauma. The two go hand in hand with root causes of physiological problems frequently tracing back to psychological trauma.

Energy Medicine practitioners taking an holistic approach to healing have found the Vital Force formulas very effective in psychological applications for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and mental confusion to name a few examples.

A specific case is the formula for Tranquility that has proven very useful for depression. Tranquility is based on the energy frequency of the element lithium which is known to be important in the human system. (Prison populations typically have below-normal concentrations of lithium in their systems.) Unfortunately the chemical lithium is difficult to administer. It can have many side effects and has a narrow therapeutic-to-toxic ratio. However, the energy imprint of lithium is perfectly safe and very effective in the same applications as the chemical form of the element.