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Additional Substances

Almost Any Substance Can be Infused and Supercharged, The Possibilities Are Endless

Simply incorporate Vital Force Technology at a designated state in your company’s manufacturing chain. The proprietary infusing process is easily added to manufacturing flows of all types. Commercial applications already include everything from health-enhancing nutritional supplements and functional beverages to products for electromagnetic radiation protection.

The process works by generating energetic blueprints from any element. New products can be made that incorporate any element in the periodic table of elements (including rare and expensive elements) while circumventing any potential side effects produced by the elements’ chemical counterpart.

With great precision, the energetic blueprints of any substance can be reproduced. Herbs, essential oils, gems, minerals and more can be infused into carrier materials, dramatically enhancing health benefits.

When you make the decision to partner with Vital Force Technology’s formula design team will help you chose the formulas you need and compile them to meet your specific product goals and requirements.

A Custom Formula Can be Generated Based Upon:

  • Energies of vitamins
  • Energies of minerals
  • Energies of stones, crystals and gemstones
  • Energies derived from the five element principles of Chinese medicine
  • Energies of medicinal herbs
  • Energies of colors
  • Energies of botanicals
  • Energies of all periodic table elements