Vital Force Technology offers real science for real solutions

Vital Force

Increase plant vitality, seed germination rates and crop health through infusion services

Infused water offers non-toxic benefits to the agricultural market never seen before. From improved seed germination to higher crop yields and noticeably stronger plants, infusion technology can take your crop to the next level without the use of harmful chemicals.

Infusion is not a chemical and is completely nontoxic. Through Vital Force Technology studies, it has been found that both seed germination and plant development can be significantly improved by using infused water. Plant studies suggest that while old seeds tend to lose vitality and have declining germination rates, this process can be reversed using the infusion process. This technology has potential to benefit various agricultural markets with healthier plants that have stronger root systems, stronger stems and more resilient germination over time.

Whether you have a large crop, are a manufacturer of nutrients or products for plants, or if you have a simple garden, the unique infusion technology will provide results like never before.

Use infusion technology to improve your plants:

  • Increased Seed Germination Rates
  • Increased Plant Vitality
  • Improved Crop Yield

Agricultural Research

Learn more about the infusion benefits to plants and to see the scientific research that lead to these discoveries. Studies include Plant Vitality, Seed Germination, Wheat Germ, Carrot Seeds and many more.