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Laboratory studies indicate a correlation between plant health and the energetic imprints of periodic table elements. These findings point toward the broader question of the role that energetic influence plays in nature. Can specific elements be advantageous to some seedlings and less so to others? Seed germination and growth is a promising new area for the use of non-toxic methods like those offered by Vital Force Technology™, rather than expensive and often harmful chemical agents.

Pilot Study reveals correlation between plant health and the ‘Energetic Imprints’ of Periodic Table Elements

In germination experiments with pinto bean, wheat and carrot seeds we compared the energetic signatures of several different Periodic Table Elements to a control sample to determine if the energetic signatures had different effects on seedling development. The energetic signatures of Lithium, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Iron and Erbium were used and clearly demonstrated that different species of plants developed at different rates depending on the energies they were exposed to, when compared to the control.

This pilot study distinctly demonstrated that the signatures of the Periodic Table Elements affect germination by either diminishing or enhancing growth. Our research showed that the Lithium energy produces superior results for wheat seedlings but not for pinto beans; that pinto beans grew best with the Zinc energy and that carrots grew better with the Gold energy. We also found that seedling development can be suppressed by different elements.

These observations indicate that the Periodic Table Elements affect plant development not only chemically, but also energetically and raises the broader question of what role the energetic influence plays in nature. In the following experiments the term “Phantom Atom” (PA) was used by the experimenter, Dr. W.C. Levengood, to describe the specific energetic imprints of various Periodic Table Elements infused into water by Vital Force Technology for these seed germination and growth experiments.

Agriculture Research Downloads

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Research of Subtle Energy "effects" on Wheat Seed Germination

In Germination Study of 7 Year-Old Dormant Wheat Seeds the 'Phantom Atoms' of Lithium Restored Seedling Vitality by 83%.

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Study of Subtle Energy Effects on Bean & Seed Vitality

Vital Force 'Phantom Atoms' Accelerate Pinto Bean Seedling Development and Increase Vitality.

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Study of the Energy Dilution Factor

Seedlings Grown in Serial Dilutions of the Phantom Atom Lithium Reveal that there is a direct Ratio between Seed Age and the Dilution of Imprinted Waters.

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Study of Energetic Imprinting Benefits Seed Vitality

Energetic "Imprinting" Process Produces Significant Increase in the Vitality, Germination Rate and Growth Rates of Wheat, Pinto Bean and Carrot Seeds.