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Subtle energy patterns play a critical role at the cellular level. So it should be no surprise that research with subtle energy in animals is yielding interesting data. Veterinarians like Dr. Gary Tran of the Animal Emergency Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky use the professional line of Vital Force Technology™ products in their veterinary practices. A pilot study introducing VTF™ products to dairy herds shows promising results treating scours—an intestinal infection that affects calves. These tests, and others like them, support us in encouraging qualified researches to test Vital Force Technology™ products.

Vital Force Products get Great Results with Animals in an Emergency Vet Clinic

Dr. Gary Tran of the Animal Emergency Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky uses the “professional line” of Vital Force products to great effect in his small animal veterinary practice. These are the same products used extensively by healthcare providers for over 11 years in clinics and practices in North America and Europe. Dr. Tran is one of a number of veterinarians regularly using the products in their practices.

Animal Care Research Downloads

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Study of Subtle Energy in the Veterinary Clinic

Clinical Experiences with Vital Force Formulas.

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Study of Somatic Cell Counts in Diary Cattle

Vital Force 'Phantom Atoms' Accelerate Pinto Bean Seedling Development and Increase Vitality.

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Study of Effects on Dairy Cattle with Scours

Observations on the Use of Vital Force Formulas on Dairy Calves with Scours.