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Vital Force

Enhance, purify and supercharge your product with infusion technology

Using VFT you can enhance the bioavailability of your functional beverage without adding any chemical or biochemical substances. VFT energy formulas can be infused into any drink and come in different variations or “patterns”. Each pattern can be tailored to support and amplify the effects of key functional ingredients for each beverage in your portfolio. 

The technology behind the generation and infusion of these patterns is scientifically proven [1, 2]. It is based on the fact that energy patterns formulated by VFT and generated by its proprietary hardware profoundly change the structure of water. Water structured through the VFT process inherits biological effects specific to the corresponding energy pattern, and then transfers it to the body, once the water is consumed [2,3]. Years of observation and use by holistic medicine practitioners have confirmed that a small amount of VFT’s energy-infused minerals added to regular water transfers its structure and its biological properties to a much larger host volume of water or other liquid. Moreover, the host liquid preserves the desired properties for more than a year.

In another important observation, we’ve found synergetic effects of VFT’s energy patterns when they’re infused into a variety of commonly sold trace minerals. The addition of these energy patterns provides a striking enhancement to the ability of the body’s organs to effectively perform their functions and increases the efficacy of those trace minerals, as compared to minerals without energy infusion [4].

Beverages Industry-Specific Infusion Benefits

VFT infusion technology can enhance your functional ingredients and offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction of each beverage’s production costs, as the concentration of the key and most expensive ingredients can be reduced without sacrificing their effectiveness and perceived benefits
  • Increase of the functional specter of any existing beverages or even reformulate their functional designation without modifying their bio-chemical composition
  • Enhanced benefits of existing functional beverages by adding energetic patterns derived from rare, expensive and/or hard to find ingredients.
  • Improved and stabilized (batch-to-batch) qualities of any particular functional beverage by infusing into it the energy blueprint of its ingredients 
  • Synergistically increased efficacy of the beverage’s bioactive ingredients without changing their biochemical profile -- for example, by accelerating the drink’s impact and by making it last longer in the body
  • Creation of new functional beverages, while minimizing the concentration of potentially health-agitating ingredients (like sugar, caffeine etc.) that, otherwise, may raise concerns of regulating agencies and consumers.

Some VFT Energy Pattern Examples:

With the rapidly growing wellness trend, health-driven consumers are searching for beverages that not only have excellent hydration qualities, but also aid their physical and cognitive well-being. Several scientifically proven VFT patterns will serve this purpose and provide the benefits listed above:

Peak Performance pattern has been demonstrated to significantly increase cell viability and has been successfully used by sports professionals to improve alertness, focus and endurance [5].

Pilot research has shown Oxygen pattern substantially improves the blood oxygenation without adding extra chemical components.

In-vitro and animal tests of Stress Relief pattern have demonstrated positive effects on animal behavior, as well as enhancement of the viability of cells under stressful conditions [6, 7]. Applied to functional beverages, this pattern greatly amplifies its stress-mitigating qualities and speeds-up its action.

1 Vital energy was known to the ancients as a life force [1]



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