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Enhance and Enrich your Products Through Infusion Technology

The fragrance and cosmetic markets can be quite competitive and infused products can provide an added competitive edge consumers will demand. Imagine a fragrance that not only makes the consumer smell wonderful but also makes them actually feel different when using it. Infused products have unique properties that can be tailored to your brand and company goals.

Product infusion offers a variety of benefits to both fragrances and cosmetics. Utilize infusion to reduce possible formula impurities and even manufacturing costs. In many cases, it is possible to achieve the benefit of an expensive ingredient with an enhanced but less costly substitute. In addition, ingredient interaction can be tested to further purify and enhance the desired results of your product.


Perfumes and fragrance infusion is especially exciting due to the opportunities to improve issues with scarcity of ingredients. Reduce possible costs of expensive ingredients by finding an infused alternative to achieve the same results and to further supercharge the mixture of ingredients by adding specified energy patterns that your consumers will notice.

In addition to enhancing products, the technology has the ability to analyze current ingredient combinations to determine if there are any less than desirable ingredient interactions and in some instances even reduce the need for scare or expensive ingredients. Once analyzed, the product can be infused with rare subtle energy patterns to give the consumer the added luxury of feeling achievement, optimism, stress relief, or even energy when wearing your fragrance. There are over 4,000 subtle energy patterns available so the possibilities are virtually endless.


Eliminate possible impurities and enhance your already distinguishable products to create a more dependable brand loyalty from consumers. Infusion technology allows you to add a unique enhancement to your product that users will notice and crave once experiencing. From specific energy patterns that create a feeling of optimism or stress reduction to reducing manufacturing costs by minimizing the need for hard to find or expensive ingredients, infusion benefits both the business and the consumer.

Cosmetic Industry-Specific Infusion Benefits

Use infusion technology to improve your customers’ cosmetics experience:

  • Add stress-relieving qualities
  • Boost mood and improve temperament
  • Enhance feelings of adequacy and success