Vital Force Technology offers real science for real solutions

Vital Force
Metals / Jewelry

Increase clarity and reduce expenses through infusion

The revolutionary discoveries made in subtle energy and product infusion have been benefiting the jewelry and metals markets significantly. Utilizing patented technology, VFT is able to analyze and enhance your product while providing a unique competitive edge that simply cannot be duplicated.

Infusing specific energy patterns into jewelry will benefit the end user and create a buzz about your brand. From the feeling of wellbeing to the feeling of achievement or overall health and wellness, the patterns are specific to your product and notable to the consumer. Stimulate specific flows of energy already in the body to achieve the desired result. Calm or energize your customers, improve physical balance or emotional balance, create optimism and reduce anxiety, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Benefits of Infusion Technology:

  • Enhance current products
  • Eliminate possibly impurities
  • Infuse specific energy patterns for consumer benefit
    • - Improve physical balance
    • - Reduce anxiety and stress
    • - Increase energy
    • - Improve feelings of achievement or optimism
    • - Reduce the electronic energy felt from cell phone usage and environmental stimulants

EMF Radiation Studies

Better understand the effects of EMF radiation caused by everyday environmental factors including cell phone usage and see the studies that prove infusion technology will reduce these effects on the body and mind.